How to Make a Fall Wreath with Real Leaves

Fall has arrived, and you may be looking forward to ushering in the new season with fun decorations. Displaying a wreath on the door is a classic way to celebrate fall and add some flair to your apartment home. If you’re feeling creative and would like to try an easy DIY project, consider crafting a wreath made from freshly picked leaves. Our state offers an abundance of gorgeous, colorful leaves to collect, and making your own wreath could be a fun weekend project. Interested in trying it out? Here’s what you’ll need:

Materials Needed

Putting together a fall wreath requires just a few materials from a crafting store (and nature). You’ll need a needle and quilting thread, a wire wreath frame, scissors, garden twine, and freshly fallen leaves that you’ve gathered. Aim to collect a full spectrum of leaf colors, as this will help your wreath pop.

How to Make the Wreath

After you’ve gathered plenty of fresh leaves in a multitude of colors, thread the needle with at least four feet of thread and knot with a loop at the end. Begin adding leaves by gently pushing the needle through the back of the first leaf, pulling gently until the back of the leaf is flush with the looped knot. Repeat this pattern of threading leaves onto the needle, taking care that all of the backs are facing the same direction. Once the leaves form a complete circle that’s the right size for the wire frame, tie the end of the string around the beginning loop. Then, rotate the leaves until all the stems are facing outward. Now, it’s time to cut about four inches of garden twine to fasten the leaves to the wire frame. Choose about five spots around the frame to affix the leaves with twine. Finally, cut an additional piece of twine for hanging on your front door. Place your creation on the door and enjoy the crisp colors of fall! Keep in mind that fresh leaves will quickly dry out, so if you’d like to preserve your wreath for a few more days, consider displaying it indoors.

Crafting is an excellent way to enjoy some creative time and enliven your living space. If you enjoy being close to nature, you’ll love the location of our quiet neighborhood. We have your perfect apartment home here, as we offer several floor plans to meet the needs of any lifestyle. Residents love our abundance of amenities, which include a heated pool, community garden, and plenty of green space for exploring. When you’re ready to learn more about becoming a resident, please contact our leasing team.

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