The Surrounding Habitat: Exploring Gunbarrel & North Boulder

The Habitat Apartments reside in a thriving neighborhood just north of Downtown Boulder. Our rental complex is part of the greater community of Gunbarrel, which is experiencing an exciting period of growth. Our neighborhood offers a great combination of relaxing suburban life and nearby urban amenities. If you’re looking to explore the neighborhood, here are some places of interest near our apartment community:

Twin Lakes

Just a short walk east of our complex, you’ll find the wetlands of Twin Lakes. Made up of West and East Lakes and their surrounding trails, Twin Lakes is a serene open space great for recreationalists. Although swimming is not allowed, you can go fishing and hiking on the trails. Nearby residents can enjoy the trails where bikes, horses, and dogs are all permitted. On the West Twin Lakes Trail, dogs are even allowed off-leash. So whether you want to go for a run or take your furry friend outside, Twin Lakes is a great recreational park for nature lovers.

Leanin’ Tree Museum & Sculpture Garden of Western Art 

The Leanin’ Tree Museum is less than a mile north of our apartment homes. The museum exhibits an impressive collection of Western American art, including hundreds of paintings and bronze sculptures. The artworks display the early pioneer days of the West, with depictions of Native Americans, settlers, cowboys, and majestic landscapes. If you’re a fan of Western Art or enjoy taking strolls in gardens, then the Leanin’ Tree Museum is not to be missed. Admission is free for all visitors.

Locally Crafted Products

One of the most exciting things about living in Boulder is having access to locally crafted foods and beverages. There are several locally owned and operated businesses with their headquarters in the North Boulder/Gunbarrel area. A handful of these businesses are right in our backyard, including a couple of breweries and tea companies.

Avery, one of Colorado’s most popular breweries, is an exciting new addition to the neighborhood. The brewing company recently moved in to a large, new space on Nautilus Court, near 63rd Street. The new 95,000+ square foot Avery facility includes a brewery, taproom, restaurant, and gift shop.

Another nearby brewery is Asher Brewing Company. Asher only crafts organic beers, making them the first all organic brewery in Colorado. They are also dedicated to sustainability in their brewery and tasting room. Their premises are wind-powered and use energy-efficient lighting throughout, while their waste is either composted or recycled.

The Tea Spot is also dedicated to socially responsible practices. Their premium teas are handcrafted right in our neighborhood, making them more eco-friendly than machine processed teas. The Tea Spot is a certified B corporation and woman-operated business, which donates 10% of its proceeds to cancer and community wellness programs.

The famous Celestial Seasonings tea company is a member of our community as well. Founded in 1969, the company is now one of the largest specialty tea manufacturers in the country. Celestial Seasoning offers free tours of their factory, which is located on Sleepytime Drive (named after their popular herbal tea blend).

From locally crafted beverages to public outdoor spaces to enjoy at your leisure, the neighborhood surrounding our rental complex is a great place to call home. Our growing community is certainly worth exploring.

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