Pet-Friendly Apartment Decorating Tips

For many of us, our four-legged companions are loved and treated like members of our human families. We cherish moments spent on long walks, cold nights cuddled up in blankets, and sharing each day with another living creature whose love is unconditional and unending. It’s important to keep your cat or dog safe by decorating your Boulder apartment with safe, animal-approved items. Read on for some pet-friendly and aesthetically pleasing apartment decorating tips.

Utilize Wall Space and Cabinets

When younger pets are left at home alone, they tend to get into things around the house. Prevent this as much as possible by storing items off the ground or out of Fido’s reach. Cats love anything swaying or sparkly, so hang your decorative tapestries, plants, and artwork well off the ground and away from any launch points. Place pictures, knick-knacks, and mirrors atop bookshelves, dressers, and TV stands to keep them up and out of your animal’s reach.

Coordinate Colors

Select pet supplies that coordinate with your home’s current color scheme. Food and water bowls, toy baskets, and pet beds can all be custom ordered to jive with your interior design scheme. Even pet toys can be somewhat of an eyesore if their color clashes with your area rugs, throw pillows, or artwork.

Give Your Pet Some Space

Designate an area for your cat’s tower or dog’s bed. Store toys and other supplies nearby so they are at the ready. Creating a set place for your furry friend means they have their own space to relax or play. Plus, this will help keep your apartment organized and your pet’s items from getting mixed in with everything else.

Washable Fabrics

Use area rugs in highly trafficked zones to prevent wear and tear on your apartment’s floors. Having a sturdy entry-way mat where your four-legged friend can wipe off helps minimize dirt and grime. Place a rubber mat under food and water stations or kitty litter boxes to contain spills. Make sure to purchase rugs that are washable, easily cleaned, or stain resistant. Colorado’s winters and springs are notoriously wet and muddy. While your pup is sure to enjoy the great outdoors, rugs will certainly take a beating.

Invest in a Good Vacuum

Part of keeping you home beautiful and inviting is ensuring it stays clean. Pets carry in a lot of grime from the outdoors and shed a ton of hair – especially as the weather warms. An automatic vacuum cleaner that cleans the home during the day is a solid investment for any pet owner. Your rugs will remain hair and dirt free and you barely have to do any heavy lifting. For traditionalists, many vacuum companies offer pet-friendly options that are specifically designed to clean up pet hair, dirt, and dander. Spending a little extra money on the front end will help keep your furniture, floors, and rugs in better condition.

Being a pet owner adds so much joy to our lives. To make them feel just at home as we do, it’s crucial to provide a space where they feel safe, comfortable, and loved. Decorate your Boulder apartment with your pet in mind to ensure you each have a great quality of life. Habitat Apartments offers beautiful, spacious homes in the heart of Boulder’s bustling Gunbarrel neighborhood. We provide ample outdoor space and are in close proximity to some of Boulder’s most scenic open spaces. Contact us today to learn more. 

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