Local Shopping Guide

Numerous locally-owned shops line Gunbarrel’s charming downtown. As the weather warms up, spend a day enjoying the peaceful walking and biking paths while bopping around the town. There’s plenty to do and see, including awesome and unique shopping you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some of our favorite stores in the Gunbarrel area.

Lift Chocolate

This boutique chocolatier derives its name from the owner’s former career as a USMC helicopter pilot. After completing two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Brandon Busch decided to pursue a different calling and arrived in Gunbarrel to open a chocolate shop. Busch uses high-quality ingredients and gets creative with his candy. From decadent signature truffles to mango and dark chocolate “Splitz” bars, treat yourself to delicious, rich Lift Chocolate.

Dr. John Douillard’s Life Spa

For those looking to commit to healthy living, swing by Dr. Douillard’s Life Spa. This Gunbarrel-based business owner specializes in ayurvedic medicine and has decades of experience. His Life Spa offers treatments, consultations, and health supplies intended to get clients on a better track to feeling good and achieving a higher quality of life through holistic practices.

Wise Buys Antiques

For over 25 years, Wise Buys Antiques has been sourcing rare and gorgeous antique furnishings from local estate sales, auctions, and private sellers. The store sits on Niwot’s main drag and is a short bike ride up the Lobo Trail from Gunbarrel. Enter Wise Buys and you’ll feel like you are transported back in time. Cast Iron cooking items, juke boxes, drafting tables, stain glass lamps, hand-crafted rocking chairs, and so much more line the shelves and pack the rooms of this charming store.

Dean Titanium Bikes

For bike accessories and apparel, swing by Dean Titanium Bikes in Gunbarrel. These cycling masters choose only the finest for their client base and can prove as helpful advisors the next time you shop for a new set of wheels. Dean Titanium Bikes began in the late 80’s from a dream held by two bike racers and friends: to make the most technically advanced bikes in the world. The team behind each Dean bike has spent years researching, developing, and honing their skills to create lightweight, sturdy, and fast bikes.

Inkberry Books

To browse a vast and varied collection of fiction and non-fiction, visit Inkberry Books in Niwot. This treasured bookseller hosts community events, poetry readings, and book signings. Check its event calendar to see what’s happening soon or stop by the next time you need a unique gift for the bookworm in your life.

Gunbarrel continues to gain popularity for its peaceful, small-town feel and access to nature. Local shops provide a fantastic alternative to big box stores and give new residents the chance to meet Gunbarrel’s awesome community. Living at Habitat Apartments affords residents supreme access to the LoBo Trail, downtown Boulder, and these awesome Gunbarrel and Niwot shops. Our peaceful apartments foster an oasis-like atmosphere without sacrificing near-by amenities. Contact us today to learn more.

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