Indoor Activities to Keep Your Pup Happy

When you’re short on time or energy and can’t take your furry friend for an outdoor adventure, it’s helpful to have indoor entertainment options to keep the boredom at bay. This is especially important if you have a puppy or a high-energy breed, since boredom often leads to destructive or unwanted behaviors. Here, we share our favorite ideas to help your pup stay happy and active in your apartment in Boulder:

Treat Scavenger Hunt

Exercising your dog’s sniffing skills is a mental workout that can keep them busy for hours. To play this game, simply have your furry friend watch as you place a few bite-sized treats around the home. Then, give the command for him or her to hunt down the rewards. Once you warm up with a few easy finds, you can work up to more challenging hiding spots.

Clicker Training

Clicker training is a fun way to encourage desired behaviors. You’ll just need a clicker and training treats to start experimenting with clicker training. This method of positive reinforcement marks the precise moment that your pup demonstrates the behavior that you’re looking for. For example, you’ll click right as the dog responds to the command “sit,” and immediately follow up with a treat. To learn more on clicker training, please visit this site.

Puzzle Toys

Dogs have a natural drive to hunt for their food, and offering your pup a puzzle toy is a great way to engage this instinct. Puzzle toys come in many different forms, but they have the same end goal in mind: make it a fun challenge for your furry friend to dispense treats from the toy.

Obstacle Course

If your dog needs a physical and mental workout, try setting up an indoor obstacle course. You can make it interesting by setting up jumps and tunnels with pillows, blankets, and furniture. If you plan to make obstacle course training a regular part of your routine, you can create obstacles with boxes to keep for daily use (or even invest in a few obstacles from the pet store).

If you love spending time with your furry friend, it’s wise to have a list of indoor activities to enjoy on the days when you can’t make it outside. When you’re searching for an apartment in Boulder that’s pet-friendly, you’ll love our beautiful campus. In addition to our spacious, open-concept floor plans, our units feature fenced patios and acres of greenspace. We’re also located within walking distance of several parks, including off-leash dog parks and trails. To learn more about becoming a resident, please reach out to our leasing team.

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