Alternatives to New Year’s Resolutions

Many of us resent New Year’s resolutions; we want to make a resolution to stop making resolutions. They might be a way to engage in self-growth, but they’re certainly not the only route to personal improvement and fulfillment. In fact, there are several alternatives to traditional resolutions, options that feel more doable and less pressurized than our midnight promises.

So, consider ditching tradition in favor of the following:

Getting into a Groove

Many New Year’s resolutions have a hidden factor at their core: routine. Hitting the gym, cooking healthier meals, and staying organized are just a few examples that require repetitive practice. So, rather than holding yourself to a vow you’re more than likely to break, simply start a routine that works for you.

According to research, it takes an average of 66 days for an activity to become automatic. In other words, stick to something for two months and it should become permanent. Do it long enough and it’ll be as much of a daily habit as brushing your teeth and pretending to floss.  

Setting Aside One Day a Month to Get Things Done

Most of us have a long list of things we need to get done, a to-do list that’s turned into a to-don’t list. From installing the security camera purchased six months ago to organizing the storage boxes in the basement, there are all sorts of tasks that fall by the wayside once life gets busy.

Setting aside one day a month is an excellent way to cut into your to-do list without holding yourself to any unreasonable demands. Use the first few months to get on top of any lingering tasks and the subsequent months to stay that way.

Developing a Five-Year Plan

A five-year plan is less intense than a New Year’s resolution for one obvious reason: you have five years to accomplish it. Spreading your ambitions over a longer period allows you to adapt to little steps rather than life-altering choices too dramatic to stick to. 

What your five-year plan looks like really depends on your unique situation. Some people want to be married with children while others want to be retired with a cocktail. Figure out what you’re truly after and set in motion the steps to make it happen.

Doing Something You Want to Do

One of the reasons New Year’s resolutions fail is they involve things that aren’t particularly enjoyable. Losing weight, for instance, means cutting back on chocolate, something most of us wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. One way to turn the tables on the New Year is to replace your resolution with jubilation.

In short, promise to do something exhilarating. This may be traveling to South America, taking an Alaskan cruise, adopting a puppy, buying a new wardrobe, or starring in a community play. Doing things that inspire, thrill, and excite make us happier people, making us better ones in the long run.

Creating a Bucket List

A bucket list may be full of far-reaching adventures — such as a trip to the plains of Africa to witness elephants in their natural habitat  —  or made up of opulent purchases. It can also be more practical, as you may strive to own a home, retire at 60, or donate an increasing portion of your salary to charity.  In essence, a bucket list is a wish list for your existence, which means there’s no limit to what you can hope for.

Some people believe that bucket lists are reserved for those who are older, but surveys suggest that they’re most popular among young women between the ages of 30-44. It may seem counterintuitive, as younger people have no intention of “kicking the bucket” anytime soon, yet the advantage is clear: the sooner you create your list, the more time you have to fulfil it.

A New Year’s resolution may be a tradition that has run its course. Try switching things up and embracing the above alternatives, instead, setting the stage for 2022 to be a year of spectacular change.

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