3 Tips For Spicing Up Your Home Workout

Many of us have been on the at-home workout grind since COVID-19 shut our favorite gyms and exercise studios down. As spring and summer approach, it’s easier to adjust your workout routine to include the outdoors, the mountains, and alternative exercise styles. Below are some tips and resources you can use to shake up your typical routine.

Access Local Group Fitness Instructors – For Free

Social media offers a way to easily connect and find a wealth of information, including at-home workouts. If you’re sick of watching the same subscription service streaming videos or want to breath new life into your HIIT practice, search for a local group fitness instructor who holds their classes via Instagram and/or Facebook live. Search via hashtags based on a workout you want to do that day to discover a totally new exercise routine, and perhaps even find a new personal trainer you can use from the comfort of your home.

Switch to Intuitive Exercises

Instead of hitting your daily step goal, trying to get your heart rate to remain at a certain level, or putting in the miles for a long run on a Saturday, switch to intuitive exercise. Dedicate the next week, or even the next month, to only exercising based on what your body wants. Now, fitness gurus caution that listening to your body only in the moment may lead to overindulging in sweets and slacking on exercise. So, it’s important to think about what your body craves in the moment, as well as long-term.

Instead of considering how many calories you want to burn that day, think about how your body and mind want to feel. If you desire a relaxed, calm state, perhaps yoga or a walk would be beneficial. Relinquishing your commitment to miles, calories, or numbers on a scale lets you tune in to what your body craves, helping you shake free of standard workout routines. This way you can explore the bigger picture of health and wellness.

Form an Accountability Team

Recruit a few friends to join a workout challenge. Sign up for a seven-day yoga challenge or a three-day-a-week running excursion. Including others in your workout routine offers a great way to inject new life into old practices. Invite each friend to select a new workout each week so your routine doesn’t grow stale. Others might open you up to a different style or encourage you to try something completely new – like kickboxing, speed walking, or Zumba.

These simple tricks are easy to employ and can provide a renewed commitment to physical fitness. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as caring for your physical body. Spend time getting outside, enjoying nature, and moving around – your body and mind will thank you!

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